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Hexigon Arch with Flowers, Ceremony Installation

In an endless garden of flowers, I will always pick you

A.J. Lawless

Floral dreams

Florals have the ability to elevate any special event, add whimsy or drama to a space, and are an easy way to convey your theme to guest. Have you thought about what flowers you might need?

Consult your florist

The first step to making dreams a reality is to sit down with your florist and have a conversation to help curate a design plan based on your floral needs and dreams. 

set a Budget

Depending on the season, floral designs can range in cost. By talking with us, we can help to determine which flowers will best suit your budget, while still achieving your floral dreams

execute your floral dreams

Now things are really kicking into high gear! This is the part where we have a final consultation to ensure all of your floral needs are met, ensure we're still on track with the budget, and confirm all day-of details.

Floral Dreams

We love to dream in colours and blooms, with visions of sweet peas dancing in our heads. But what we really want is to make your visions come to life, so first we need to know what your flower dreams look like!

The best way to do this is by sending us a curated link to your Pinterest board, a Dropbox or Google Drive folder, or just an email of photos you've saved. If you're ready to share your floral dreams with us, reach out here to book a consult.

Floral Dreams

Consult Your Florist

As much as we love scrolling Pinterest, we want to hear about your floral dreams from you, face-to-face, including big hand gestures and wistful sighs. Let us pick your brain while we talk size, scope, colour palettes, price points, and more.

We are happy to book either an in-person or a virtual consult, depending on your preference and what works best for you.


Floral Price Estimator

Bridal Bouquets

  • Petite $185 - $225

  • Classic $250 - $325

  • Lush $350+


Bridesmaid Bouquet

  • Petite $100 - $145

  • Classic $150 - $185


Flower Crown

  • Petite $70 - $90

  • Classic $110 - $140


Flower Hair Piece $35 - $60

Corsage $45

Boutonniere $25

Centerpiece $150+ each

Arch Piece $350+ (per swag)

* Please note that these are rough estimates for information purposes only, and the final costs for your specific flowers will be confirmed following a consultation, based on seasonality and the flowers desired. 
Little Daisy Florals _ Lovestruck Portraits (2).jpeg

Budget for Flowers

Floral designs can range widely in cost, based on the season and the varieties of flowers used in the arrangements. We want you to get as many flowers as you can for whatever your budget is, and we try to focus on using seasonal blooms as much as possible to keep specialty import costs down.

While it's not always possible to predict how the cost of flowers will change year to year, we try to keep our fees in line with market standards. We will go through your budget during our first consultation, but you can also use our price estimates to help give you a better sense of the possible overall cost.


Final Step

We'll do a final check in with you approximately four weeks prior to the big day to confirm your final numbers, ensure no changes are needed, and get any remaining details from you. 

Your final payment will be due thirty days before your wedding.

This is also the time when we would want to connect with your planner or day-of coordinator for any specific delivery, set-up, or tear-down information. 

Final Step
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