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Flower Subscriptions 2023

Mixed Summer Flower Arrangement

Flowers can be a great way to add colour, life, and brightness to your home. Why not have locally grown, freshly cut flowers delivered to your home or office regularly?

Little Daisy Florals is offering a variety of flower subscriptions for 2023. What does our flower subscriptions include and how does it work? 

  • For 1 price, you get 4 fresh cut bouquets 

  • Two options for subscriptions: 1 per month or Bi Weekly Seasonal. offered in 2 different sizes. 

  • Each week we will email all subscription recipients and you get to determine if you want a bouquet that week or not 

  • You can opt to give up to 1 of your 4 bouquets to someone else, and we will deliver to them. 

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