About Little Daisy Florals

We are a husband and wife team combining the love of gardening and floral arrangements together, to create an unique and personal floral experience. We focus on growing a large variety of flowers that can highlight any event they are part of. Grown locally, picked fresh and designed with love in mind, Little Daisy florals is here for your floral needs.


About the Florist

A lifelong lover of all things colourful, Staci first fell in love with floral design leading up to her own wedding, and has been filling the house with vases and buckets of blooms ever since. Her design style depends on the season, but she will always be inspired by lush English gardens and bright wildflowers.

Even though Staci has a Floral Design certificate from Mount Royal University, she believes that her best designs have come from playful experimentation. Above all else, flowers should make you feel good.

If forced to pick, Staci would probably say that her favourite flower is a sunflower, but there are just too many beautiful options to choose from!


About the Gardener

Brad has always had a passion for growing, keeping a garden and yard maintenance. Brad is a carpenter at heart, and built the garden's foundation, including the greenhouse and six raised beds, himself, and he is excited to tackle all future project that may be coming as the garden grows.

2021 will be the first year of cut flower production. With Brad's organizational skills and love of spreadsheets, the garden this year is in good hands.​ We will have ~1000 spring flowers ready in April - May, followed by 50+ varieties and colours of flowers in the summer through to the fall.