Fall Sale 2021 Completed

Thank you for everyone who placed orders this planting season.


Little Daisy Florals is excited to expand our floral business to offer our customers the opportunity to buy the bulbs and corms we use to grow the beautiful blooms in the spring. 

Little Daisy Florals will be selling Tulips bulbs,  Ranunculus corms and Anemone corms. Sale will go live early September with shipping end of September - Early October. Depending on your growing zone Tulips should be planted by mid to late October, while Ranunculus and Anemone corms stored indoors over the winter and planted once the ground becomes workable in the spring.  


Tulip Bulbs

This season Little Daisy Florals will be specializing in double peony style tulips. Larger blooms, more petals and many varieties with a lovely fragrance. 

Plant tulips in well-draining soil. Tulips dislike areas with excessive moisture. Tulips should be planted 4-6 inches apart, but can be planted in small clusters to give a unique garden look when in bloom. 

Plant bulbs fairly deep, 6-8 inches deep or about three times the height of the bulb. Dig a hole deeper than that in order to loosen the soil and allow for drainage. In clay soils, plant 3-6 inches deep. Set the bulb in the hold with the pointy end up, cover with soil and press soil firmly. Water lightly after planting. 

All orders are done in intervals of 10 bulbs. 

Due to international export rules, all bulbs and corms can only be shipped within Canada.


Ranunculus and Anemone Corms

This season Little Daisy Florals will be offer a variety of spring blooms including ranunculus and anemones. These blooms are not as winter hardy as tulips and should not be started outside until after the ground is workable in the spring. 

Ranunculus are hardy to zone 6, and Anemones are hardy to zone 5. Saying that these corms will not over winter in many zones in Canada. Know your zone to know when to start and to plant your anemone and ranunculus corms. Little Daisy Florals is located in Calgary AB or zone 4a/3b. We will store our corms indoors over winter; pre soak and pre sprout them late winter or early spring about 4-6 weeks before last frost. After being hardened off they will get planted outdoors 2-3 weeks before last frost. Though ranunculus and anemones can handle light frosts, we recommend covering any seedlings with frost cloth to protect them until established. 

All orders are done in intervals of 10 corms. 

Bonbon Ranunculus



Marshmallow Ranunculus



Pauline Ranunculus



Salmon Ranunculus



White Ranunculus



Bi Color Anemone



Blueberry Anemone



Bordeaux Anemone



Carmel Pastel Mix



Carmel White Anemone



De Caen Mix Anemone



Fullstar Pink Anemone



Due to international export rules, all bulbs and corms can only be shipped within Canada.


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